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Blog: Hiatus

There is a story about how the Rolling Stones wrote the songs on Exile on Main St. They’d jam for two or three days in the basement of their chateau in France, then Keith Richards would look at Charlie Watts and they’d finally go into the song they’d been developing. For the last couple of years I’ve been doing a lot of jamming: character studies, free-writing, etc. This blog has also been part of that process for me: trying to figure out various aspects of writing after ten years (and two novels) of having-a-go. I think it’s time to get back into the third book for real. I’ll give the blog a summer hiatus, and then return with occasional posts rather than a regular one.

A good time to start, as I’ve just got my novel Birth of Stars into the shortlist for the Cornerstone’s WowFactor Novel competition.  Which means I’ll have to a chance for my novel to be read by Eve White, from Eve White Agency; Julia Churchill from AM Heath; Rowan Lawton of Furniss Lawton; and David Haviland of Andrew Lownie.  An intensive re-write from February to May this year will hopefully pay off.