Writing Fiction: Done List

I’ve completed my final read-through.  Out-loud, which brings up lots of minor amendments.  There have also been a couple of chapter re-writes which I’ve stitched together as I’ve gone along.  The novel has lost a couple of thousand words – no bad thing.

When I teach time management, we talk about having a done list.  Instead of getting hung up on the things left to do, you celebrate those you have completed.  My done list feels huge:  twelfth draft (after a couple more tweaks); new character written-in and thriving; lots of new writing that I’m proud of.

Is it completely, the best novel I could ever have produced?  No, probably not.  But, I’m proud of it and it feels ready to go back to the editor.  Which is quite something.


One thought on “Writing Fiction: Done List

  1. Nothing to do with writing but still… when I have completed a to-do list I go back to the top to add a task I have already done – and then I cross it off. Wonderful sense of achievment which encourages me. Now to write my this week’s evenmorewords blog.

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