Writing Fiction: What, More?

With only a little way to go on the rewrite, I decided to put all of the chapters together in a separate folder called, ‘Completed.’

Ha!  The process only revealed more work to do.  Twelve pieces, to be exact.  The problem is that the younger character has really begun to shine.   This has made some of her original chapters look, at best, functional.  Also, seeing it in order, some chapters don’t make sense, or need to be amalgamated with others.

I have a picture of a house that needs repairs and painting.  Every time the decorator looks up from his pot, the house has changed shaped, or one bit doesn’t look as good as it used to.  Back to the DIY store.

Oddly, the process is not dispiriting.  I feel I’m really getting somewhere.  I like the way the two characters are interacting and there’s some writing I’m really pleased with.

In a way, I’m constructing a to-do list for the new year.

Last January, I started this last rewrite and promised the editor I would be finished by March.  It is now December.  I have emailed to let her know I may not be finished until spring or summer.  Who knows?  I don’t.  But I’m still enjoying the process.


2 thoughts on “Writing Fiction: What, More?

  1. Have the you tried the 3-act analysis? Or putting the most dramatic chapter in the first ‘act’ first and then going back to the begining? Personally, I find it impossible to work on a complete mnspt. on 1 doc but do, once I think I have written it all down, print the whole lot out and read slowly with a pencil in my hand as an editor. Happy Christmas and see you in the New Year.

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