Writing Fiction: Knots

Oddly, I’m fine with a list of chapters to rewrite.  It’s the unexpected knots that can knock the wind out of me.  In this case encountering the mysterious case of the number of elderly woman’s sons.

In one chapter, the first one turns up; in another, they are seen together; in the third, it’s just the second son.  But there have been various rewrites, and in some, it all drops down to just one son.  This makes sense, as it stops the cluttering of minor characters.  But in the version I’m rewriting, the second son turned up.

My heart sank at the prospect of having to rewrite and/or decide the question of one son or two, again.  Fortunately, a moment of clarity at the end of a meditation, and the discovery that the other chapters matched the one-son solution, made the actual rewrite quick and fairly easy.

I feel as if I have permission to go on with the next of my listed chapters.


One thought on “Writing Fiction: Knots

  1. The idea of a son appeals to me. One is probably enough. The mother/son relationship is complicated and offers the chance of many plot twists. Is this son married? A daughter would get in the way and ruin the vibes between Elspeth and Joy. Looking forward to reading more.

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