Writing Fiction: Go Figure

I’m not going to say anything that anyone doesn’t already know – or that I haven’t already written about. Given a morning to complete my three-hundred words, it will often take the full morning; given half-an-hour, I can usually knock them out in twenty minutes (then write this blog in five minutes, leaving five to avoid cleaning the flat). And there’s no diminution of quality. If anything, I will sometimes produce better prose.

I’m thinking of this because I am about to enter a period of greater work. Work, that thing that gets in the way of sofa time – the sofa time, I need to write. Except, lookit: instead of arsing about, staring out the window, checking Facebook, thinking about all the writing I will need to do to complete the rewrite; I am quite likely, in the reduced time, to just get down to it and write.

General rolling of eyes at the human condition.


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