Writing Fiction: All in the Mind

A friend of mine has been learning Aikido. He tells me that part of his technique is to sit quietly and imagine each movement: the curl of his fingers, the push of his palm. So that, when he stands to practice, they are already part of his body.

I have heard the same thing about sprinters. How they sit in the dressing room picturing each moment from the firing pistol to the finishing line. Over and over.

Dancers too.

I was wondering how this might be applied to writing. At first, I thought about using it practise constructing a remaining plot or overcoming an obstacle. But then I thought, no. It would be to imagine the moment of creation. One where I sit with my laptop, relaxed but engaged, writing the details of a scene: a finger vase on a mantelpiece, the way a character pulls a hair away from her eye. Waiting for something to emerge.

Every day I do my three hundred words – I am nothing if not diligent. But sometimes it is like a race to the finish. Creation does occur, but perhaps it would be better to imagine it, not as words, but as a series of creative moments, relaxed but engaged. Waiting for miracles to occur.


2 thoughts on “Writing Fiction: All in the Mind

  1. You have it on the nail with character and that small detail which applies to that character and no one else. It’s that knowledge which distinguishes the real writer from the wannabe writer. Keep going. I can talk! I have done no writing for 2 weeks but I console myself that once we have moved life will change. ???

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