Character: The Real Person’s Reaction

There is always a danger that when someone finds out that you’re basing a character on them, they may react badly. Yesterday, I told my neighbour about just such a change. Or rather, I tried to tell her, because she kept interrupting and saying, ‘Is it me?’ And then, when I’d finally finished, kept shoving her arms out to the side, saying, ‘It’s me! Me! Me!’ So no resistance there.


2 thoughts on “Character: The Real Person’s Reaction

  1. In Hotel du Lac there is a woman character who says about the protagonist, also a woman and a writer, something along the lines of ‘I keep telling her she should put me in a book’. The protagonist tells the reader, ‘I did and she didn’t recognise hersel.’

    I do it all the time but since most of my work remains secret, ie no one wants to publish it, it doesn’t matter. When I did, years ago, have a romantic novel published, all my friends said they recognised that the hero was based on my husband. Er, No!
    Jane at

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