Grammar: By Zombies

Last post before Christmas.  And a handy bit of advice from the English Grammar Facebook ( page via my sister.  An easy way to identify the passive voice (where the object comes before the subject in the sentence, producing a slightly deadening construction) is to see whether you can add the words ‘by zombies’ after the verb.  Thus:

  1. We attended the meeting (by zombies) – Active
  2. The meeting was attended (by zombies) by us. – Passive

Or even:

  1. Zombies taught (by zombies) us about the passive voice.
  2. We were taught (by zombies) by zombies about the passive voice.

Next post on 6th Jan.  See you in the New Year.


3 thoughts on “Grammar: By Zombies

  1. Didn’t the women at the guillotine really knit, historically, or am I being stupidly naive and it was the idea of Dickens?

    Still have to do my final pre-Xmas blog. Time competed for by activities such as making a table centre (me? !) and books in the real old way with folded paper, thread and a needle but I have hopes.

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