Character: Me and Brad Pitt

On a recent episode of In the Actor’s Studio, Brad Pitt said, ‘I just think there’s too much pressure on this idea of character.’

I have spent the last couple of years trying to write a female lead for my third novel.  The first attempt was a 60,000 word exercise.  Lots of words, but nothing stuck.  So, I started writing the novel, having had a picture of the two protagonists meeting.  But after that, the character refused to speak, and just seemed unhappy.  Then I imagined a cartoon that she might draw: with a character who summed up the key elements I wanted for her.  But still the woman herself remained elusive.  A couple of months ago I wrote a scene showing how the two leads had first met.  She came out strongly in this but was not the person I’d thought she was.  Here, she was more confident.  Now, I have a sense that she is close.

Mr Pitt went on, ‘Find truthful moments first and character will come.  You will be surprised how it comes and will keep coming, and it’s an endless well.’

Hope so.


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