Snakes and Ladders: Another Square

I just came runner-up in the Literature Works First Page writing prize.  The significance is that it was the first time I had entered anything from my third novel.  So, it’s a great encouragement.  Second in an entry list of 160, and I get £350.  All good for the CV and the ego.


3 thoughts on “Snakes and Ladders: Another Square

  1. Lack of internet connection in deepest Somerset has restricted mycomments but I am following the progress of this novel and finding it all very interesting! I don’t plan each chapter but I know the kick-off point and the ending and maybe have an idea of a major plot event or two. But I let it grow. Which means a great deal of re-writing and cutting. For instance, just recently, I decided that a small plot scene was just that, insignificant, and cut it. It was a case of too many words.

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