A Quarter Novel in a Month: Report

November over.  Time to report.  I had intended to write a quarter of a novel and I’m not sure that I did.  I certainly wrote 19,800 words – which is bizarre, because I’m sure I did 750-a-day, so either I’m missing some or it’s a clear case of self-deception.

The reason I’m not sure whether I’ve finished the quarter novel is that I had a pretty clear idea where I would need to get to in the story and then decided halfway through the month that that plot event would happen later in the novel.

So, what have I got?  I have definitely broken the being-stuck-halfway-through thing.  The story has momentum and the relationship between the two main protagonists is clearer.  An odd thing is happening with the female character which I’ll write about another time.

So, all in all, a very useful exercise.  I’m now going back to the second novel to carry out some of the amendments suggested by the editorial report.


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