Snakes and Ladders: Another Throw

I have just got the editorial report back from Cornerstones for my second novel, and another re-write is required.  Which will make it a round ten, so far.  What is interesting to me is that the main male character is again highlighted as a problem: not being distinct enough.  I was talking about this in the post ‘Altered Ego’, and here is a chance to try a different approach.  The thing is, I think I know what the answer is: to take one of the minor characters and make him the major one.  This isn’t just random, the male character was originally very much like this, and then drifted into being a version of me.  However, this will mean getting rid of a lot of writing that I’m very proud of.

A friend of mine was telling me about an artist called Oskar Kokoschka (great name) who would go to his students’ work and erase the part they liked the most and then require them to carry on.  There is something in this about not holding on, and going beyond.

So, let’s see.  I get an interview with the editor to discuss the changes, which means I probably won’t start until December – and I can finish off my quarter-novel-in-a-month exercise for the third one.


2 thoughts on “Snakes and Ladders: Another Throw

  1. Yes, that is correct. Someone, maybe another writer will know, said, ‘Kill your darlings.’

    Anything you are proud of is surely bad? Discuss?

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