Recommended Sites: Interesting Literature

Did you know that in Shakespeare’s time there was a sweet white wine called Bastard, and it’s mentioned in Henry IV Part One?  Or that on days when he gave public readings, Dickens had two tablespoons of rum with fresh cream for breakfast, and a pint of champagne for tea?  Or that George Eliot was the first person to refer to ‘pop music’ in a letter in 1862?

All this and more can be found at  There are more scholarly articles but ‘Best Anecdotes Featuring Oscar Wilde’ and ‘Interesting Literary Facts about Halloween’ will do for me.



2 thoughts on “Recommended Sites: Interesting Literature

  1. I’ve just found a thin book called ‘The Sayings of Oscar Wilde.’ Most of them verge on the ridiculous but are amusing. A reflection of Oscar himself, perhaps?
    I found this in one of those useful ‘don’t throw away but recycle’ bookshops where you can just take 3 books. I usually take one to hand in as that seems fair. For anyone reading this who lives near to Chiswick, this one is at the far end (walking away from Hammersmith) of Chiswick High Street, before you reach the start of Turnham Green, next to a wedding dress shop. Stacks of magazines to sit and read as well. Take your own coffee!

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