Writing Fiction: The Procrastinator


Which is the name of a really crappy superhero, or what happens when I sit down to write and have time in hand.  On Monday I had the luxury of three hours in which to complete the 750 words-a-day I have set myself to complete my Quarter-of-a-Novel-for-November.  And, let me start with the good news, I did it.  But I also: made a cup of tea, made a cup of coffee, had a glass of fizzy water, went to the loo twice, looked on Facebook three times, checked the stats for my blog four times, checked the E! Online website (Justin Beiber has been with prostitutes), stared out of the window…a lot.  And there were probably other things.  Including checking my word count many times.  Oh yes, and I played two games of Solitaire.

On Tuesday I was running a training course.  I got up early and after meditating and breakfast I had three-quarters of an hour to do my 750 words, and did it.  I think the only distraction was looking at Facebook once.  What’s more, I think the quality of writing improved.  There was something about having to keep writing which enabled me to get into a flow and I had a couple of unexpected insights.

But I can tell you now, if, the next time I have a free morning, I try a pretend-urgency, it won’t work.  The brain will just adjust to idling-time and we’ll be back to the cups of tea, the Facebook, the staring out of the window.

Human nature, eh?  (Shakes head wisely.)


2 thoughts on “Writing Fiction: The Procrastinator

  1. Sorry Paul, I just don’t accept all those bull—- excuses. The tea and coffee just about maybe but why can’t it be staged at 1 hours breaks? Also the loo trips. Don’t you know it’s better for your bladder to delay those trips and train it to wait? As for checking your blog etc just find a bit of selfdiscipline which you can clearly do when you have to.

    Once, a long time ago,I made myself write 5K words in 1 session. I’ll never do it again but 750 words in 1 session a no-brainer! Just tell yourself that if it is all rubbish, at least you have something to re-writ. And that’s for your 2nd class writingtime not your prime writing time as the first draftis always the hardest. OK?

    As you can tell this is my first piece and most aggressive writingof the day. It’s all downhill from now.

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