A Quarter Novel in a Month and a Reading

November is a month for growing moustaches and writing novels.  The challenge set at http://nanowrimo.org/ is to write a first draft in thirty days.  I’ve been stuck at the same place in my third novel for about six months: going back and editing the material, arranging it into chapters, working on the plot and characters.  It is time to move on.  So I’m going to break through by attempting to write a draft of the next quarter by the end of November.

By the way, I shall be reading an excerpt from my second novel at a fundraising event at the London Buddhist Centre on Saturday 16 November in the evening.  There will also be readings from award-winning poets Cath Drake and Vishvantara, as well as Maitreyabandhu whose poetry collection The Crumb Road was given a great review in the Saturday Guardian recently, and Simon Otokie, whose book Whatever Happened to Harold Absolom? was similarly lauded in the FT.  For full details follow this link: http://www.lbc.org.uk/festivebuddhist.htm

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