Recommended Site: Brain Pickings Weekly

And a bit of a crossover into the discussion of persistence.  It is well worth subscribing to the newsletter for this site.  There’s always something a bit odd with a literature/arts slant (see the Bob Dylan book about dogs for kids on this week’s newsletter).  The reason I’ve picked it out this week is for the article about Grit.  Psychologist Angela Duckworth explains why the ability to persist with a project is more important than IQ in predicting success.  There’s even a little quiz you can take to assess your own.  I came out as 4/5, but as any scientist worth their salt would tell you, I was probably heavily influenced by having read the article.  Anyway, enjoy:



2 thoughts on “Recommended Site: Brain Pickings Weekly

    1. I suspect we all have areas of our life we’re more persistent in than others. I show a remarkable ability to watch E! News. Registering for quizzes is the least of our problems.

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