Recommended Sites 2

I’m away for yet another extended cup of tea.  Back at the end of the month.  In the meantime let me recommend the Twitter page and blog for a writer who calls himself Scribbles.  The headline on his Twitter page says, ‘Aiming for a writing career. As we’re in recession, I need luck. Going to see if I can project plan some into my life. If not, will probably bitch about boss.’  On his blog he describes himself as, ‘Married with kids, mortgage, cats that puke and a crappy motor.’  His tweets are a constant stream of effort and avoidance: There are three consecutive tweets about skiving, he gets distracted by a feed on ants, keeps trying to set targets and meet them.  The latest is a massive rant against his boss.  To me, he is some sort of patron saint of writers.

His blog is at:

And his Twitter Feed at

Alternatively, have a look at this article on Cormac McCarthy’s theory of punctuation, which I found via @WritingMatters1 (which is also very good).  Very hard core: full stops, capital letters, and commas; that’s it.


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