Writing Fiction: Despair

Just to carry on this week’s happy mood, an oddly hopeful take by Christopher Reid.  And the thought that the solution to creative problems is always nearby is encouraging.


A fat fly fuddles for an exit

at the window pane.

Bluntly, stubbornly, it inspects it,

like a brain

nonplussed by a seemingly simple sentence

in a book,

which the glaze of unduly protracted acquaintance

has turned to gobbledygook.


A few inches above where the fly fizzes

a gap of air

waits, but this has

not yet been vouchsafed to the fly.

Only retreat and a loop or swoop of despair

will give it the sky.


5 thoughts on “Writing Fiction: Despair

  1. Flies are also very contrary when you’re trying to help them get OUT of the window – they will fly anywhere but.

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