After a year or more of writing for my third novel, I’m still trying to sort out the place and character of the main female character.  I have had a core idea of who she is, (based on someone that I once knew), but the practicalities of putting her into the novel are presenting difficulties.  This, despite attempting a 60,000 word character study before I even started.  Should she be a manager in a similar post to the male character, or a key mover in deciding budget cuts that will affect his life?  Should she be a ballsy but vulnerable artist, or a hypochondriac, like him?  The method I’m finding most useful at the moment is to do a pros and cons list for each option.  And oddly, it seems to clarify things.  One box soon begins to fill up way beyond the others eg advantages of staying as a b but v character, or being a manager in a similar post.  The question is still open, but it has helped.


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